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Integration. Consolidation. An un | settling {...both settling & disrupting at the same time}. . - - ->>> Structural integration, in fact. . - - ->>> All day. . Bowing down to Ida & her Rolfing legacy; whilst molding & moving with contemporary ideas of biotensegrity in our hands, hara, heads & hearts. . Diving deeper into the direct myofascial work I have been loving, & seeing results with, in my treatment room. Now discovering new tides & depths. . To receive Structural Integration {SI} is extremely p o w e r f u l ~ this an extraordinarily beautiful practice. It is realignment & it is intense & it can trigger emotional & spiritual release in the most subtle & profound ways. . My own experience of SI is that it pierces straight through the constructed layers of self protection directly into the epicenter of tension: Directly into perceived P A I N. Through which integration is found. . <<<>>><<>><<<>>> . One of biggest teachings is how keep the practice safe & ensure we are well versed & confident in how to put someone back into their grounded & present self. . No one is to be left adrift & out at sea. . Just as important as being able to create the space to facilitate healing & integration is the holding of the safest of shores on which to land. . To balance day three it finished with vegan burgers, ginger beer & the heavenly bliss of Kirtan cleansing {that I usually only access through the Kundalini that love so much} but this time the beauty & sway was live with Gratia & Michelle with gratitude to Brighton Kirtan ???? . . .

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